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Date: March 19,2020

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Here's What You Need To Know To Stay Safe!...

Coronavirus is the latest viral outbreak to be all over the news. This is a serious infection that has already taken over 8000 lives, and that is rapidly spreading across the world.

It is only right that we be on high alert, and that government agencies are labelling this as a significant emergency of global concern. Many governments are now evacuating their citizens from the most at-risk areas of China, while trade bans and travel restrictions are also being put into place.

  • How much of a risk is the coronavirus?
  • Where in the world is most affected by Coronavirus?
  • Where did the virus come from?
  • How does the virus spread?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • Is it safe to travel?
  • Coronavirus: Should You Get a Face Mask?

But while all this is very frightening for the average citizen, it is also important to keep a level head and to put things into perspective. The actual statistical danger to each of us remains low, and widespread misinformation and panic is doing nothing to help the problem.

As ever, knowledge is our best enemy against this threat.

That’s why it’s important to educate yourself about the reality of this disease and what you can do to fight it.

In this ebook, you will learn everything you need to know about the coronavirus, in order to keep yourself both safe – and sane.


Coronavirus Outbreak

The complete guide to: What You Need to know to Stay Safe ...

First: should you visit China? The official answer is “no,” and right now government officials are recommending that citizens avoid visiting the country for “non-essential” travel...

Tips to Help You Avoid Coronavirus.. Another year, another terrifying outbreak of a new disease. This time it’s coronavirus, which is actually the same thing that brought us SARS...

This is the latest frightening outbreak that is sweeping across China, and that has already made its way into other parts of the world...

Should You Get a Face Mask? Do masks work? Preventative Measures- Hygiene, and Precautions...

You’ll learn everything there is to know about the disease, so that you can better understand the nature of the risk and what you need to do about it....

Are We In Danger? Why You Need This Book:

Right now, the media is in mass panic. Social media is ablaze with posts that propagate fear and misinformation. And the amount of fake news is at an all time high. People love scandal and bad news travels fast. But all this achieves is that we run around like headless chickens.

The truth is that your chances of contracting this disease are small. By reading this book, you’ll learn why that is, and you’ll hopefully feel that much safer sleeping in bed tonight.

But it is STILL highly important that you protect yourself by gaining as much knowledge about the condition as possible. The reason for this, is that coronavirus is travelling extremely fast and the number of cases has gone up hugely every single day.

This may well become a much higher risk in the common weeks and months. Therefore, being able to spot the symptoms yourself, knowing what to do about them, and knowing how to prevent transmission may well become absolutely critical.

This is not only crucial for your own health, but also for that of those around you, and the nation as a whole. The more you can do to protect yourself – the better informed you are – the higher the chances that the disease will stop before it reaches you.

So, educate yourself in a calm and sensible manner. Read this ebook and get knowledge on your side. Knowledge is the best vaccine of all!

Find Out The Symptoms, Treatment, and Outcomes for Coronavirus, what you need to know!


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You should consider the context as well as the symptoms in isolation. For instance: have you recently travelled to high risk areas? Are you in regular contact with anyone who has been to China and the affected areas?

...I'm looking forward to welcoming you and gaining the knowledge you need to keep yourself and family safe!


Ray Arrington

P.S. Stay safe, keep an eye on symptoms, and try not to panic – your odds of contracting coronavirus are still vanishingly small.

P.P.S. Get the knowledge from this book and pass on the information to your family and friends or send them to this website to get thier own copy of the book.

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